At the end of the year, we all have to do regular things to keep track of the events of the year! Remembering the moments of happiness that we have felt in these 12 months, many memories of our minds will seem to be like a mold. The same fun and refreshing feeling that felt then! That’s how they have confirmed their research.

That is, the joyful moments that appear in flashbacks, and our brain will feel realistic again, just as we have enjoyed it at that time. For a few minutes, let’s go back to that point. Our chemicals will be like that.

It has another shape. We know that those who belong to us have succeeded, and we will be happy as we got it.

Similar experiences may make us happy. Many times, in the book, cinematic and drama characters experiences, we will get together with the circumstances. And with that character we smile, cry and cheer up!

The reason is because ‘Mirror neurons’. In this case, both (the character + audience / readers) are united together. That’s where the scenes are going on, but here we are staring at the same level. Both will show the same feelings. This is known as ‘mirror neurons’ because it looks like a mirror. We’ve also seen this in the

They enjoy jumping in the game field and enjoy the joy of the audience as well as the audience. This is also ‘Mirror neurons’!

Happy is how easy! From time to time, we are dealing with something else or action. I’ll be happy if it achieves this, and we decide that I’m happy if it only gets or walked. If so, we will have to wait for happiness.

We do so because we are doing happiness. In fact, happiness is the forerunner. If we are happy to be happy, we will automatically work well. Rejuvenate, do all the things you do and increase your chance of winning. If happiness is the forerunner,

The benefits are not counted! To act with such joy, we do not seem to be as difficult as what we do. Instead, it appears to be several times stronger. Doing so delicately, we do not know how much time is going to pass, and we will act without discouragement. The so-called ‘flow’ has been so busy and active! If we are happy with the

happiness, we will see everything in the positive viewpoint. That is why a broader attachment will be added. We have heard many times – ‘happiness is in your hand’. Research also shows: 80% happiness from us, 20% from others. Even if we stumble at times, we can recall the past happiness and realize the same position and bring happiness back. Happiness does not need to be subsequent, can pioneer!


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