Donald Barthelm is an American writer. Born on February 7, 1931 in Philadelphia. He married four times and died in 1989 at the age of 58 with throat cancer. Today is widely spoken and the main creator of the postmodern fiction. He has done maximum experiments in the short story fiction. His novel The Glass House is famous. From the attitude that emphasizes the meanings, we thought that we should learn. In 1949, at the age of 20, he was appointed as a journalist at the University of Texas at the University of Houston at the University of Journalism. On that day it was a record. Prior to graduation he worked as a journalist’s journalist. In 1962 he went to New York and took full-time writing.] The first mistake that started

baby was to start tearing pages from his books. So we made a rule that she should be alone in closed room, in her room, four hours on each side of her book. In the early stages of the day she was torn on one day, the act was well – although the crying and crying from the closed room was tense. We justified the punishment for your mistake or part of the sentence. But then, she was torn on two sides at the same time as she had grown up. Because of this, she had to stay alone in the closed room for eight hours.
The problem is twice as much. However, she did not stop doing that. After that, we did not have to go for days, and we had to face three or four pages. Because of this, she continued to stay alone in her room up to sixteen hours. My wife was worried because this was a hindrance to feeding the farmers. But I thought that if we made a fate, we should be bound, not impatient or distorted. Otherwise, they will get the wrong idea.
She was 14 or 15 months old at the time. It is true that she is asleep after an hour and occasionally sleeps. It is compassionate. Her room is very beautiful. A beautiful array of wood, a hundred dollars, and a full of wild animals. If you use time, you can do various things like puzzle games. Unfortunately, we found some of the pages that we open door some more pages from the books, when she was inside. These pages must be included in the appropriate account.
Baby name bourne tansin. From our child


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