Sugar is the sweetness that we all remember. That is the use of sugar.

Glucose, fructose, galactose, sucrose, maltos are also sugar. Sugar is high in beetroot and tapioca. Carbohydrates in the diet we eat go into the body and absorbed by the blood. That’s the power to go directly to the cells and give the body the power to operate. This sugar should be adequate. Diabetes mellitus. Dizziness and dizziness are dangerous if the lower levels of sugar fall.

The Indians who ate the jaggery from sugarcane trace and started using it as sugar after the arrival of white people. Such a sugar plant was founded in the town of Ashka in Odisha and was asked to give ‘Aska Sugar’ as it came to Tamil Nadu. In the meanwhile, the name ‘Asca’ has been added to sugar. The name ‘Sini’ is also popular. After this sugar came up, the sugary sugar that was already prepared was made up of ‘sugar sugar’.


Sugar is sweetened for foods and snacks. Jam – jelly protects for a long time. Sugar also has the qualities of boiling up and lowering freezing. Helps fermentation. When combined with amino acids, it gives good color. This sugar is the secret of the golden man’s many snacks made in the bakery. The biscuits that make it sprout will be nice and crisp. Everywhere the world is given the first of the victims of diarrhea is ‘sugar solution’ with water and salt.

Cut the sugarcane into pieces and grind the semi-juice. Then the juice is boiled. Sugar sprays are after the mixture. The color of sugarcane juice is brown. It cleanses in carbonation and phosphatation. Once the waste is removed, they are made into ‘activated carbon’.

Flushed juice is boiled and refined again. Thus sugarcane juice comes out of sugar only after it has been burned three times. The sugar cane is the name of the molasses that is called molasses. It is also used for alcohol production and alternative fuel (ethanol) preparation. Whether we say ‘sugar production’, those in this field say ‘cleansing – cleaning’.

Sugar juice contains not only sugar but also lime, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, sodium and vitamins B2, B3, P6 and P9. These chemicals are excreted from sugar as they are added to chemicals. That is why sugars are called ’empty calories’.

Sugar production

In some 200 countries including India, sugarcane is grown in 2 crore hectares. This is a grass type plant. The cory and the sweet dish are mixed and the sugar cane is made. Prior to the arrival of sugar mills, the print boiler was made only by the sugarcane. The powder was then sold to sugar. The palm tree is also made from the coconut tree. There is a lot of water for sugarcane cultivation.

The time of cultivation is long. Cash crop Sugar can be grown from six feet to 19 feet tall. Eighty thousand years ago the South Pacific islands were the first sugarcane cultivation in India, BC Introduced in 500 BC Sugar is ready in Chinese only 100. 70% of sugar in the world is available from sugarcane. The world’s ‘sugar bowl’ is named Cuba. The country is the leading producer of sugarcane and sugar production.

Sugar has medicinal properties. Heals the ulcers. When the coffee is tied, the tea is taken off the tongue and immediately after taking a little sugar and rubbing on the tongue, the tongue becomes normal.

There is also the usual practice of adding sugar to oil. Do not forget to let the water bathe, or else the ants will start to flip!


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