In a statement issued by the California Public Health Department, cellphone radiation has issued a warning about health risks. In this, people are advised to lower their cell phone usage time and keep the cell phones off as much as possible.

It has also been proven that the radiation released from cell phones can cause complications including mental disorders and morbidity.

CdBH director Dr. Karen Smith has said that the use of large amounts of people in the use of cell phones can cause excessive radiation.

Documents have now been published following a court order in the case of the release of the 2009 CDPH document on the study of cancer cases coming from cell phones. Accordingly, the use of cell phones is a great threat to the health of radiation impacts.

2009 Recommendations of the CDPH study:

  • The public should not have your mobile phone in packets.
  • Do not hold in your ears for a long time.
  • Sleep while keeping the cell phone in silk while sleeping is very dangerous.
  • If you have only 2 points or less than the signal, cell phones should be reduced as much as possible
  • As cell phones release high radiation to keep the signal continuously on the high speed, the cell phone should be reduced during travels.
  • Instead of putting the cell phones in packets, the CDPH has suggested the use of the headphones as well as the CDPH.
  • The cell phone is changing as a tool that causes many problems in the body.
  • The CDPH report stated that it is better to use less handsets.
  • It is advisable to avoid cell phones in children because radiation can cause a bigger effect on the brains of developing children than adults.


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