Indian stock markets have also fallen as an echo of the collapse of the US stock market.

The Bombay Stock Exchange benchmark Sensex declined by more than 1,274 points to close at 33,482. However, the Sensex soared by 33.886 points to noon.

Similarly, the National Stock Exchange index Nifty fell by a hefty 310 points to 10,276. Statistical figures suggest that the employment growth rate in the US is better than the expectation, and the Federal Reserve of the country is expected to increase interest in the US dollar.

As a result, stock market investors have sold their own stake and the stock market is in the stock market as a result of the decision to keep the balance.

According to the Indian markets, 839 points last Friday and 309 points yesterday due to public budget announcements. The downturn in the US stock market has caused a sharp decline in Indian markets today.

Investment advisers have suggested that there may be sudden slips in the stock market for a week.



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