A new interesting feature has been introduced because the majority of the world’s use of information exchange in the VATS of processes.

In VatsApp we have been talking to a single person with a video call, and soon we will be introduced as a group with Videocon Conferencing.

Currently tested in the Android beta edition of the test mode, this feature appears to be updated soon after that.

Users are confident that this video conferencing facility will be more enjoyable for the use of VATS. If the group introduces video footage, the video will be available for video footage.

Besides, there are many different stickers on VATS as well as on Facebook. No doubt our VATS-up conversations become more interesting by joining these new features. It is noteworthy that Vats Up Processor is a subsidiary of Facebook.

Firstly, this facility is available only on the Android platform and the IOS and Windows operating systems will be available later.



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