Pakistani champion Shahid Afridi has won the Indian national flag and has won the hearts of Indians.

In the city of St Moritz in Switzerland, ice cream competition between Sehwag’s Diamond Leather team and Shahid Afridi’s Royals team took place. This cricket match took place in the ice-free lake.

Apart from Sehwag, Afridi, Shoaib Akhtar, Zaheer Khan, Graeme Smith, Andrew Symonds, Lysith Malinga and Magila Jayawardene participated in the match.

Among the contestants, many fans and fans bought the autograph for Indian soldiers and other racers.

Pakistan’s Shahid Afridi is not only in Pakistan but also in India. Indian fans were eager to buy an autograph that way.

At that time, a fan approached Abridi and requested to go with him. Afridi was ready for Selfie, who agreed to it. At that time, the fan was holding his Indian flag in his hand.

Afridi reprimanded the audience for a little bit. “The Indian national flag should always be with respect. It should not be capped. Stretch the national flag straight, and go along with it, “Afridi told the audience. Subdi then took the Indian national flag on the one hand.

The fans were applauded by the applause of holding the national flag of the Indian flag in the hands of Afridi.

A photograph of Afridi, the Pakistani batsman holding the Indian flag, spread in the social media. He has been applauded by many fans.

Shahid Afridi told reporters, “I believe the cricket competition is the best way to bring friendship between countries and bring friendship between individuals. In addition to Pakistan, fans in India and Australia have a great deal of love and love for me. ”



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