It has been revealed that the Chennai company has been involved in the event in Malaysia in the issue of actress Amalapaul to the private party.

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Amalap, who participated in an event in Malaysia, was on the 31st of last month at a dance school in Chennai, Chennai. It is said that Aayazhasan came to Amala Paul to meet with a businessman with a businessman to attend a private party.

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Following the confrontation, the police arrested Amala Paul in the name of Amala Paul and investigated him. After the Malaysian event, a businessman was invited to the private party with a businessman, and confirmed that he was sent by Bhaskar of Pallavara to confirm it.

Bhaskar and Azhagachan came to know about his cell phone examination. After the arrest of Bhaskar, he had been in contact with Amala Paul’s private party and had contact with Chennai manager Rasaku, a private company organized by the program in Malaysia.

The police came in search of Razak. Razak has filed a bail plea before the Sessions Court in Chennai. Furthermore, the police are seriously investigating the case as it has been allegedly linked to the mainstream of the matter.



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