Actress Amala Paul has urged police to release all the details of the prostitution gang who approached the actress Amala Paul’s private party.

Amala Paul, a leading actress in Tamil cinema, made a statement on the 31st of January at a private dance school in Thiyagarai Nagar area in Chennai.

Amala said that the person who approached her had a private party after the Malaysian event and asked the person to attend her.

When asked what “privately party it is”, Amala said that the person had told him not to speak like an unknown child and that he did not find himself in this ugly conversation. Amala said that the waiter was waiting for half an hour before his well-wishers and staff were waiting for him to get a favorable answer.

Amala said that the person told them that when their people come and get the person, they do not want to say that they can not do it. Only after this he realized that the person belonged to the brothel mob. Amala also said that the details of the actresses who had participated in the Malaysian show were not only details of their phone number but also the person being recorded on the cellphone.

Amalap also said that he was quick to rush into the matter and found evidence for the activities of the prostitution mafia and thanked the police for arresting two key persons involved in it.

Furthermore, Amala Paul, who has also issued arrest warrants for some, has urged the police to speed up the investigation and release all details of the prostitution mob.

Amalal warned that some media outlets about herself and her manager were spreading the message without defamation and that she would not hesitate to file a defamation suit.



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