Anniversary examination of Anna University Management Colleges, the first semester examination in Tamilnadu engineering colleges, has come down to the college without even studying the 11th grade.

All the engineering colleges run by Tamilnadu universities in Tamil Nadu are run by the Anna University of Universities. In the 565 engineering colleges in total there were 466 colleges in the year.

In the first semester exams, 466 colleges participated in the examination of 1 lakh 13 thousand students. Only 36 thousand students have passed. Not a single student in 44 colleges. Over two hundred students have qualified for more than 300 colleges. About 50 percent of 59 colleges have passed and only 80 percent of the 12 college students have passed.

The report concludes that 278 of the 290 students selected by the PSG Engineering College, Coimbatore, were selected for the first place with 95 per cent and 644 students in 726 students who opted for the Chennai Velamalai Engineering College and second at RMK Engineering College in Gummidipondi 393 of the 443 selected were T. Rvaki ranked 3rd.

1684 students were selected for the highest number of students at the 20th University of Glasgow. Only 1194 were selected. At 71 percent, the pass percentage decreased. Only 178 students out of 556 students selected from Coimbatore Karunanidhi College, 129, were selected. Here, the pass percentage decreased by 32 percent. Only 20 out of 194 selected in the Andal Alagar Engineering College, 323.

Of the 10 out of the 10 engineering colleges in the Thirunelveli Institute of Engineering, 289 out of 369 candidates have been selected and 77 per cent have passed. 155 of the 240 students have been selected in Dharmapuri Government Engineering College. The Mathematics Corporation’s overall pass percentage has declined to 34 per cent since it has not passed more students in mathematics.

Educators point out that this voter turnaround is because the vice-chancellor is not appointed to the Association Hall and the reckless engineering colleges lacking basic infrastructure facilities.

At the same time, the Annapurnalai Corporation is to be briefed on Tuesday. Most of the students from the newly-enrolled engineering college have been studying without studying 11th grade and have been unsuccessful in semester exams due to engineering courses, An.

The Annapallikkalam Corporation has explained that failing to meet the question of self-contained questions in the school of memorabilia at the school and the students who are studying in the college.

It is time for the students and the University administration to realize that the quality of education will only bring the quality of the country to the world stage.



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