Priya Warrior, a Malayalam actress who has been stirring up the heart of youth with her smile, has been lodged in the police station.

The song of the movie ‘Adar Love’ was released recently. The actress Priya Vayarar has put the young hearts on her face in the social network. Meanwhile, on the Priya Warrior and the crew who created the song, the Hyderabad police have been lodged with the police. In the text of the song, it has been shown to offset the religious sentiments of Islam.

In this case, the new Teaser of the movie Priya Warrior has been released. Following this, in the Instagram he was followed by 6 lakhs on the same day. Moreover, Priya Warrior has been leading the sanniilon in the searches of the internet. The new teaser of the movie is celebrated on Valentine’s Day.



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