An economic audit report suggests that the Indian government can only hold for 20 days by Mukesh Ambani.

The survey conducted by 2018 Robin Hood Index (2018) indicates how long the world’s top richest people can hold their respective countries. According to Amazon, the first wealthiest in the world, Jeff Bezos of the US, Jeff Bezos, will be able to hold the state of the country for only five days.

The UK’s wealthiest man, Hugh Graysner, and Germany’s wealthiest Dieter Schwarz, is estimated to be able to hold the state of their countries for only 5 days. Jack Ma (China), the president of Alibaba, is expected to hold the state of the country for only 4 days.

Cypriot John Fredrickson, the wealthiest person, could hold the country for 441 days, and Hong Kong’s rich man, Li-kha Shing, said that the country would be able to run for 191 days.


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