A kind of chemical affair is falling in love. Scientists claim that it produces a series of chemical changes in the body to guarantee the reproduction of our human species.

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Love is like a disease (the morning blossoming in the morning and the evening blossom, remembering?). Scientists claim that what kind of symptoms may occur in the body, as well as the visible signs of physical illness, as well as the visible signs of a disease.

What are these symptoms?

These include sweating hands, anorexia (“baldness and bleeding bedding”), facial expression, and heart rate increases.

Love has many stages. Each phase is adapted by physical changes that can be triggered by chemical substances.

First a phase of lust – a fundamental sexual speed.


It leads to gravity and then emotionally combined and then leads to a long-term relationship.

However, researcher Helen Fisher says that these do not come in a particular sequence. She works at Rutgers University in New Jersey, USA.

Fisher told the BBC: “You can feel a deeper and deeper love for your office or college in your office or someone in your social circle, which is months or a few years later, and you get more mature and suddenly you’ll fall in love with him.”

So the debit comes first. Then deeply romance, then feelings associated with sexual pace … or you can be sexually attracted to him, and then he can fall in love, and then he can have deep fondness or feelings on him … or just before he’s got sex with someone first You can blindly love it. ” Come.

At each stage, scientists claim that every kind of chemical substance changes the body.

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Love steps!

Lust is driven by sex hormones such as testosterone and estrogen. The testosterone is not only for hormone males. It has proven to be a major part of women’s sexual feelings.

This phase is falling in love and the other things that the lovers can not think of. They really lose hunger. Sleep will not be needed. Daylight dream of their lover.

The hormones that tell messages through the veins known as “monoamines” in this attraction stage play an important role.

Dopamine is a type of chemical. This is triggered by cocaine and nicotinorepine. There is another name for adrenaline. This is what motivates the lovers to do things like sweat in the body and to make the heart flutter.

Chestotonin is one of the most important chemicals that can cause another chemical love affair. This is the villain who pushes romantic passengers to temporarily!

Affection and affection:
This phase occurs next to the gravitational phase. If the relationship is to remain, this debit is essential. If the gravity continues to last, nothing more will be produced than children!

This debate can be a long-term commitment. This bond or bond is bound up with lovers and helps them to give birth to their children.

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In this “phase” phase, two hormones are secreted in the body. These two hormones that are secreted in the nervous system play an important role in shaping the social phase.

Apart from this, two other chemicals play on the body.

This is a key chemical in the long term relationship. When it is suppressed by these chemically males, the bond between the lovers decreases immediately.

Loss of loyalty and failure to protect a partner (or spouse) from new lovers.

The oxytocin chemotherapy is released by the hypothalamus. This results in childbirth period. This helps to breastfeed. This helps to have a relationship between a mother and a child.

This is also the case where the couple or the couple are having sexual intercourse. This is thought to be helpful for the bond between adults.

The idea is that the bond between the couples deepens so much sexual intercourse!

“Do you  love world?”


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