Prime Minister Modi has said that new findings are necessary for a better future.

Prime Minister Modi delivered a video show at Ramakrishna Vivekananda Ashram in Tumkur, Karnataka, on the occasion of Nivittha’s 150th birthday in Vivekananda. Speaking then, he said he was able to learn something every time he had a conversation with the younger generation. Modi said that Swami Vivekananda had invested his life to build the nation and said that the country has been strengthened after several years of independence. Prime Minister Modi has said that the people of the country have shown an interest in the country’s unprecedented electoral conclusions in the Northeastern state, saying the old policies were alienated by the people of the Northeast. In the past four years, the North East has been trying to connect the gap between us and the end of terrorism through an integration.

Prime Minister Modi said India was the world’s youngest generation in the world, with 65 per cent in India under the age of 35. Prime Minister Modi said that the Mudra Yojana scheme has provided huge lending to young people across the country and has increased the entrepreneurial engagement amongst youth through the Stand-Up and Start-Up programs. He said that there is no shortage of new ideas for new ideas and he said that new innovations are the future. Modi said that the government was trying to use the school students’ ideas and said it has set up 2,400 ATM Tinkering Labs across the country to encourage new ideas.



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