BJP The coalition regime sets the states in Tripura and Nagaland as a new twist in Meghalaya.

In the 59 constituencies in Meghalaya, the Congress won 21 seats and the National People’s Party 19 seats. Other parties, including UDP, have won 17 seats. No need for a majority in the election, as the need for 30 seats is needed. On the one hand, the Congress has been struggling to maintain its rule, and on the other hand, the NDA will join the National People’s Party with the BJP. Showed intensity. But in the context of the impossibility of forming a coalition without the support of the coalition parties, the turn of the two parties turned to the United Democratic Party, which has six members.

Following the resignation of the chief minister, Congress Muqul Sangma and United Democratic Party leader Donkupar Roy went home. At the same time, the BJP leader’s senior leader Himanta Biswa Sharma arrived. Both of them individually met Doncker Roy and insisted on their support.

In this situation, the BJP joins the National People’s Party. According to the request, Tanikur Roy has decided to support the National People’s Party. Thus the BJP, the National People’s Party and the United Democratic Party coalition has increased the strength of 27. HSPDP (HSPDP) and an independent candidate have supported the coalition, and the majority have found the right place. Thus Tripura and Nagaland continue in Meghalaya in the BJP. The coalition catches the regime.



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