BJP With the support of the party as a new twist, the National People’s Party takes office on 6th.

The National People’s Party won 19 seats and Congress 21 seats in 59 seats in Meghalaya. The United Democratic Party won six seats and other parties in 11 seats. With 30 seats needed to govern, no party had a majority in the election.

On the one hand, the 21-seat Congress has struggled to maintain its rule, and on the other hand, the BJP, which had only 2 seats to rule with the National People’s Party in the National Democratic Alliance Showed intensity. BJP UNP leader Tanukpur Roy has decided to support the National People’s Party as per the request. HSPDP (HSPDP) and an independent candidate have supported this coalition. The leader of the National People’s Party, Conrad Sangma, who has won 19 seats with the party as a sudden turn back to the BJP regime, has called on Governor Ganga Prasad to call for a mandate. Conrad Sangma takes charge as Chief Minister on the morning of 6th. Though it is difficult to set up the coalition, Sangma said he believes that members who support their support will work together for the benefit of the people.



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