When the South African batsman AB de Villiers was run out of the International Cricket Council, he fined Australia’s spinner Nathan Layon, who threw the ball over the chest.

The first test match between South Africa and Australia took place in Durban. The Australian team won 118 in this.

At the 2nd innings of the match, South African batsman AB Daveleillers was run out for a run off Australian batsman Nathan Lyon.

Towards the ball with the ball, When he run out, the TVwillers fell down in an attempt to touch the castle. Nevertheless, Lion runs out and kills him, throwing his ball into the tailor’s chest and throws away. Furthermore, Batesman went there and made a mockery of Audrey.

Seeing Nathan Lion’s action, the angry Demolians left out of the field without any argument with him.

Lion then apologized to the TVwiller after the first Test match.

On behalf of the South African Cricket Board, the ICC Contestant was informed of the incident. The ICC judge, which examined the complaint, ordered a fine of 15 percent from Australian rival Nathan Lion for a criminal offense in violation of the rules of conduct.



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