Ban on Kerala to import fruits Saudi Arabian Action ..!

Nipa virus has spread in the districts of Kozhikode and Malappuram in Kerala. So far 18 people have died due to the fever. Many more are being treated in government hospitals due to this flu. It is said that the cause of Niba virus in Kerala is the cause of the fever.

So the general public was warned not to eat bitter fruit. Furthermore, blood samples, residual samples were sent to the laboratory in Pune for research. In the first phase of the study there was revealed that the virus was not spread by bacteria.

Further information on the social web sites in Kerala spread that Nipa virus spread through broiler chickens, so no one should eat chicken meat. But the Kerala government warned that this would be just rumor and a ruthless action would be taken to spread such rumors.

In this case, the ban imposed in Kerala in Saudi Arabia has been banned due to the Nipa virus fever. Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates have dispatched 100 tonnes of fruits, vegetables and food items from Kerala due to the ban on the United Arab Emirates and Kerala.

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